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CMPK - "Kitchen Recipe" (For Use in Repairing Hypocalcemia) by Sue Reith (1/07 update)
Here's the CMPK 'kitchen recipe'...
If a doe is already down this should be given to her every 2 hours for the first day, or longer if it takes more than a day to get her up and eating normally again... And then it should be given 2X a day for a week or so, and finally 1X a day until you feel she's totally stabilized again. The repair process will be quicker if she's already freshened (and especially if she's nearing the end of the lactation period anyway) when you figure out what's going on with her... I've had people ask for this recipe at any stage, from the last 2 months of gestation until practically the day they're ready to dry the doe off... All have had excellent response, as I anticipate you will, too...
To re-create the equivalent of a 30 cc CMPK dose (650 mg calcium; 500mg potassium; 150 mg phosphorus; and 96 mg magnesium) right in your kitchen, go to the Supplements department of any large chain-type drugstore and buy a bottle of Posture-D tablets (containing 600mg calcium, 266mg phosphorus, and 50mg magnesium), and bottles of Potassium tablets (500 or 550mg) and Magnesium tablets (150 or 250mg). Calculate the amount of each pill needed to come up with an equivalent to one 30cc dose of CMPK as spelled out above, and, using a pill cutter of some kind, create that amount, crush it up to a powder and serve it orally in a little yogurt. Or add some water to the mixture and dose it in a drenching syringe.
(I used to get pretty frustrated when goat owners would contact me late Friday night or on the weekend, totally unprepared, with an already-down hypocalcemic doe. Of course the people had no access to CMPK on a weekend, so that's really how the 'kitchen recipe' came into being. We combined my input on the actual chemical and nutritional makeup of the CMPK with the creativity of a couple of owners that were caught in just such a bind, and Voila! The Kitchen Recipe! The oral CMPK available for livestock tastes awful anyway, and burns the bejeebers out of the throat membranes besides, whereas the Kitchen Recipe, made up of pills intended for human consumption, tastes pretty OK!) Sue Reith Carmelita Toggs Bainbridge Island WA suereith@msn.com

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